Kaz's website He likes the cars, the cars that go boom. He also created the LIGHT fellowship webpage.

Christina's website. She likes poo. Or was it Pooh?

This is my friend Dan Wong's "E-zine" I haven't talked to him in 5 years now, but the site is cool.

My friend Allan Wong was recently published in Cell Journal, which is a big cheese in the world of Biology. His article is "CNK, a RAF Binding Multidomain Protein Required for RAS Signaling" I don't think you'll understand his lab's work unless you've taken an upper division cell bio class but if you want to see an adobe PDF file of it, It's on his web site.

Yum Yum Food

Here is the bomb sushi restaurant in San Francisco: Grande Ho's Kamekyo. Check out the review in Recipes, Restaurant site

My Dream Aquarium:

50 Gallon Plexiglass aquarium with some kinda nice wood stand and cover. Salt water of course, Lots of Corals, Clownfish, yellow Tangs, Shrimp, clams, Snails, Cucumbers.


UCB, MCB, CDB You decifer that. Hah! My grades suck, so don't ask. I think I want to become a financial analyst like Maykin Ho, a biotech analyst at Goldman, Sachs. Besides having a really fresh last name, she always seems to make it on the WSJ's All Star analyst team. I was really inspired by her article in Instituional Investor's Research Team Forum (Sept 1998). However, I heard that Peter Lynch, formerly of Fidelity, never touches the biotech industry. He says that a lot of it is running on speculation and most of the companies are not making any money. They are just being valued by hope. I guess he is right in some ways. I originally wanted to go Pre-med, but as I said before, these little grade gremlins sabotaged my records in my school's computer. I got all A+'s until those darn little buggers changed them all to C-'s. At least I don't get visits from the underwear gnomes at 3 a.m. (Southpark reference).

Studying tips that I don't follow: Don't waste time. Just study. Somewhere quiet. Duh. Forget reading all those books on "how to study effectively," or "101 study tips." You know what your best study environment is by now. The problem is just forcing yourself to study and understand the material. Quit wasting your time and just do it. As if I'm the model student to tell you what to do.

Blurb of the day

Have you heard of corrective laser eye surgery? Should I do it? Each eye is 1000 degrees. It's so sad, I have to hold a book 4 inches from my face to read without my glasses. My vision, or lack of, is a real pain when I go snowboarding and mountain biking. I used to spar in my kung fu class without my glasses. Boy that hurt.

Workin Hard

Check out the Fisher Center for Real Estate and Urban Economics Webpage. I'm just starting to make pages, so don't be too critical.


All I got to say is buy a Sony Playstation, install a mod chip (15 bucks) and you will be one happy person. I am currently playing Metal Gear Solid. It has some crazy fresh gameplay. I also like Bust-a-Move 4 (the bubble game, as we like to call it) even though everyone seems to beat me. Check out They have billion page essays on how to beat EVERY game on all systems. I guess some people have more time to waste than me. I used to be the game master. I had the Famicom, Superfamicom, PC Engine, Megadrive, Gamegear, and Gameboy. I had ALL the games. I can blame my dad for my A.D.D. (Attention Deficit Disorder) because he gave me so many games, I played a game for 5 minutes, quit, and then played the next one. My friend is supposed to get a Sega Dreamcast next week, so I am excited to try that out.


'Bout it 'Bout it!

This site is not intended to be a place where I brag about myself. Okay, I'm lying, it is. If you don't like it, buzz off, but if you like it, Welcome! I hope you enjoy reading about my hobbies and surfing all the links. This site is an easy to read, not indepth, typical guy creation. I am truly the jack of all trades. I try hard, but I never seem to master anything though. This site is basically composed of pictures I found on the web. If anyone has a problem with that, email me and I will promptly remove it. This website is just for informational use only. I am not responsible for anything that happens to you. Period. (ie. you can't sue me if you spill hot coffee on your lap, like that lady did to McDonald's) Oh yeah, to all the people who didn't support my efforts to make this dumb webpage, screw you! You get the gas face.

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