Dream Sequence

My dream car right now is the Prelude SH. I know, I don't have very big dreams, but I'm trying to be realistic. (Yes, I also know that the above picture is of an Integra Type R.) I already know what I'm going to do with it. I'm going to install a Neuspeed N2 Header and front and rear tie/sway bars, AEM Tru-time cam gears, cold air intake and underdrive pulley, Eibach Springs, Tokico adjustable shocks (lowered 1 inch), Energy Suspension polyurethane bushings, Brembo calipers, huge cross drilled rotors and braided brakelines, Greddy Exhaust, NGK Sparks, Crane Fireball ignition, Magnecor Wires, Recaro driver's Seat, Exedy Clutch, Volk Racing AV3 17" wheels, Nitto NT555 tires, HKS adjustable camber plates, JG ported heads, and Crower Rods. As you can see, I spend lots of time daydreaming. Sometimes, if I try hard enough, my 1984 Volvo wagon turns into a Porsche. Vroom, Vroom.

My imaginary motorcycle used to be the blue and white Suzuki GSX750R, but it has since changed to the Yamaha YZF R1. Unfortunately, I will probably never live to ride either of them, and if I do, I will probably do most of the riding on my face. I recommend the Bay Area Motorcycle Training school. If you're under 21, you can take the four day course for about 70 bucks. There are two nights of classroom instruction and two mornings of riding their little motorcycles. If you take the course, you only have to take the written motorcycle test at the DMV to get a cool class: M on your license. Sigh... Someday.

Demolition Derby Rejects

This is my horrible, horrible reality. My '84 Volvo family wagon and my '86 RX7 (also known as the Snail Speed Racing Team). My nonturbo RX7 (aka my hooptie) is a pretty fast car. I think it generates about 140 HP with it's Wankel 13B Rotary Engine. I hear the seals blow out on them after 100K miles, but mine is running strong and it's at 130K. My main problem with the car is the cooling system which seems to spring a leak every month. I am constantly changing some kind of hose or radiator part. That glowing green coolant is starting to smell good enough to drink. The only parts I replaced are the sparks and wires (NGKs). I don't plan to do much with it because it is not too reliable and it looks like crap because of a previous accident. All together, I think I've spent 600 bucks fixing the car. It's a fun car to drive and they're really cheap but I don't recommend it to those looking for a reliable car. If I ever buy one again, I'd buy a good condition Turbo II and fix it up. Those rotary rockets can run around 10 seconds on the 1/4 mile with just a few mods.

1984 Volvo 240 Race Wagon

My family's hand me down Volvo (aka the homobile; pronounced ho-mobile, not homo-bile) is what I'm currently stylin' around in. I get all the ladies with this unsitely behemoth. But seriously, this car stinks. The driver's seat is broken (which is the only thing good on this car because I can look cool sitting low in my chair), brakes are squealing, muffler's dragging, and gears fall out everytime I come to a complete stop. I guess I should stop complaining. Some people don't even have cars. Never satisfied with anything am I? Sigh. Good grief Charlie Brown.