Jesus, save me from your followers!

So I grew up at this church called San Francisco Bible Church. The current pastor is Sen Wong. There are two services on Sunday: 8:15 a.m. and 11 a.m.. They are pretty conservative in everything, but I suppose that's how you stay true to Christianity. I should be a better example, sigh. The college fellowship there is called LIGHT. They meet on Fridays at 8pm. The address is 498 Funston Ave. (cross street is Anza) SF, Ca 94118. I also go to Sunset Chinese Baptist Church led by Pastor Jeff Louie. He is an awesome speaker. I tend to fall asleep during any lecture, no matter school or church, but he keeps me attentive with jokes and a good biblical message. Their address is 3635 Lawton St. (cross street is 42nd) SF, Ca 94122.

Christian Guitar Stuff

I like to play. I want to buy a new acoustic guitar, but right now, I'm low on funds. Someday, someday. Here are some sites where you can get the music for all the christian songs you could ever want:

Christian net

Disclaimer: Repent sinners! The end is near! AAAAAHHHH! (just kidding)