'Bout it 'Bout it!

This site is not intended to be a place where I brag about myself. Okay, I'm lying, it is. If you don't like it, buzz off, but if you like it, Welcome! I hope you enjoy reading about my hobbies and surfing all the links. This site is an easy to read, not finished yet, still in construction, not indepth, typical guy creation. I am truly the jack of all trades. I try hard, but I never seem to master anything though. This site is basically composed of pictures I found on the web. If anyone has a problem with that, email me and I will promptly remove it. This website is just for informational use only. I am not responsible for anything that happens to you. Period. (ie. you can't sue me if you spill hot coffee on your lap, like that lady did to McDonald's) Oh yeah, to all the people who didn't support my efforts to make this dumb webpage, screw you! You get the gas face.


I'm giving you a special treat. A rare look at my girlfriend. She is kinda shy, so we go out when no one else is around. That is why you never see her with me. Yeah. That's it.